Special Occasion

Kingsley Top $60.00 AUD
Avia Dress $76.00 AUD
Pamela Dress $95.00 AUD
Serendipity Dress $90.00 AUD
Goldsmith Set $135.00 AUD
Cleopatra Dress $87.00 AUD
Tasmin Dress $75.00 AUD
Lilo Skirt $65.00 AUD
Elanora Top $55.00 AUD
Cosmo Top $60.00 AUD
Michelle Shorts $50.00 AUD
Shannon Set $70.00 AUD
Liz Dress $75.00 AUD
Indianna Dress $68.00 AUD
Lilianna Dress $68.00 AUD
Adelina Top $60.00 AUD
Renee Dress $65.00 AUD
Milly Dress $68.00 AUD
Holiday Dress $68.00 AUD
Gold Heart Dress $70.00 AUD
Eve Dress $65.00 AUD
Jordy Dress $65.00 AUD
Katrina Dress $78.00 AUD
Helene Dress $70.00 AUD
Annina Dress $65.00 AUD
Gemma Jumpsuit $90.00 AUD
Quinn Dress $75.00 AUD
Karla Dress $75.00 AUD
Dala Skirt $65.00 AUD
Iris Top $62.00 AUD
Lorri Dress $90.00 AUD
Ellery Dress $90.00 AUD
Mimi Dress $75.00 AUD
Gina Dress $75.00 AUD
Flora Dress $70.00 AUD
Aliah Dress $70.00 AUD
Alannah Dress $70.00 AUD
Jenna Dress $70.00 AUD
Jayde Dress $70.00 AUD
Amira Dress $70.00 AUD
Emmelina Dress $68.00 AUD
Maddie Dress $65.00 AUD
Kayla Dress $60.00 AUD
Kora Dress $60.00 AUD

Shop Dresses For That Special Occasion

Any time you need a special occasion dress then Mishkah. . .

Shop Dresses For That Special Occasion

Any time you need a special occasion dress then Mishkah Fashion Is your destination.
Dressing up is so simple when you can shop for a satin midi or maxi dress to really elevate your look. 
Our range features spotlight-worthy event numbers, from formal maxi dresses to elegant lace prom styles fit for special events and graduations.
From lace bodycon styles to midi skater dresses and dainty cocktail dresses to formal party styles - rise to the occasion in style with a occasion dresses.
Whether it's your graduation day or you're a part of the bridal squad, be sure to look on the look any special occasion.
Stand out of the crowd at all the future cocktail parties in one of our new cocktail dresses or formal dresses.
on women's dresses you will be able to shop the latest trending styles and fashion.
Black dresses and long sleeve dresses are timeless pieces that you will always have in your wardrobe.
Shop the latest styles in women's clothing including maxi dresses, figure hugging or bodycon dresses are perfect for the cooler months.
Browse the New Arrivals ensures you can always get your hands on the women's new clothing you need for your unique fashion style.
Find flattering wrap dresses to fit and flare dresses in midi to maxi lengths. Whether it's for the cool or warmer seasons, our dresses are designed with inspiration from the latest fashion trends.
Also Shop the latest styles in women's clothing including Dresses Jumpsuits | Playsuit | Tops | Skirts |  Pants | Jackets For Women | Coats | Sunglasses | Jewellery. Or, see our favourites that are back in stock.
Complete your outfit with a chic women's jacket, or coat. You'll find a jacket or coat for every occasion from our new outerwear arrivals.
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