Caring For Your Clothing

How To Look After Your New Clothes

This Is a guide to storing and maintaining your new clothes 



Things You Should Know

  • Remove all the tags and/or stickers before you wash new clothes.
  • Follow the instructions on the care label to launder that garment.
  • Use cold water unless it states otherwise on the label and take your clothes out of the washer as soon as the cycle is over
  • preferable air dry out of direct sunlight or machine dry if air dry is not an option.
  • You do not need to wash new swimwear, outerwear, formal wear, or jeans before the first usage.


Storing Your Clothing

Check to see if the care label has any special hanging tips. In general, we recommend hanging dresses, delicate garments that won’t stretch over time. Knitted garments should be stored by folding them will help to avoid hanger marks and stretching garment over time.
In a perfect world having a climate controlled storage unit would be the best storage solution but who has one of them, so storing your seasonal clothes should be done in a storage space in you dresses or wardrobe but never on wire hangers or in plastic bags or cardboard boxes as they are not suitable for clothing storage

Washing New Clothes

Always read the garment washing instructions and follow the instructions, For stain removal I prefer to hand wash with cold water and a soft detergent and then air dry or have my clothing item dry cleaned over using a washing machine as this will help extending the life of that item of clothing.

Drying New Clothing

Air drying is the best practice as machine drying clothing will wear on the fabric over a long period of time.

Stop Material Wearing New Clothing

Please note the fabric your garment is made from, Satin may pull a lot easier when sitting on anything with a slightly rough and uneven surface as well as knitwear.
Handbags and jewellery may rub on delicate fabrics and over some time and create pilling and abrasion to the fabric, it’s best to take care when selecting your accessories for your next outfit and that they won’t get hooked and pull threads in the garment.
Denim tends to bleed and can stain lighter colour garments, especially when wet. So please take good care of all your clothing. 
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